Rust update force you to explore more


Rust update force you to explore more

Facepunch Studios clearly don’t like how their game is played. They probably wanted to balance exploring and building, but it looks it’s very unbalanced.

Of course not everyone will be happy with this update, some people likes to build more than exploring. We’ll see how this update will affect the game.

“I’ve seen a few people comment that they don’t understand why we’re changing the build system,” Garry Newman writes in a new devblog. “They loved it, it was miles better than legacy, don’t change it, please god don’t change it. Well – you probably should have said something before because all I’ve heard is moaning.”

Once the changes are live, players will have a lot less hammering to do. According to Newman, resources rather than time should be the payment for building, and as a result exploration and gathering will be a stronger focus. “Anything we can do to encourage players to explore, we should,” Newman writes.

Another reason is that the art cost was too high. “Every component needed 7 different stage models (wood, wood2, stone, stone2 etc), this is a lot of art – especially when you consider that things like stairs don’t need that. The new system keeps these requirements low – while allowing for the maximum customizations.”

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