Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes on PC with DLCs


Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes on PC with DLCs

Square Enix announced earlier this month that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is coming to Steam in December.

Today the publisher expanded on that news a bit by revealing that the game will boast PC-specific visual options and nearly all of the DLC released for the console versions of the game.

Coliseum Battles

  • Omega (from Final Fantasy V)
  • Gilgamesh (from Final Fantasy V)
  • Ultros & Typhon (from Final Fantasy VI)
  • PuPu (from Final Fantasy VIII)
  • Lightning & Lieutenant Amodar (from Final Fantasy XIII)
  • PSICOM officer Jihl Nabaat (from Final Fantasy XIII)

Outfits for Serah

  • Summoner’s Garb
  • Beachwear
  • White Mage

Outfits for Noel

  • Battle Attire
  • Spacetime Guardian
  • Black Mage

Outfits for Mog

  • A Wondrous Wardrobe

Scenarios/Story DLC

  • Sazh: Heads or Tails?
  • Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess
  • Snow: Perpetual Battlefield

According to Square Enix, the PC edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will run at 60 fps, offer selectable resolutions including 720p and 1080p, and support both English and Japanese voices with subtitles.

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