Lineage Eternal releases more details


Lineage Eternal releases more details

NCsoft has just released the Latest Lineage Eternal Online key features and gameplay trailer today. There are a number of new features revealed in these gameplay trailers.


Lineage Eternal is especially designed to an easy composition to have players encountering MMORPG for the first time can feel the best interest, and provides continuously-changing strong experience (Dynamic) and will offer ‘interest enjoying together’ which will be the foundation of MMORPG based on a familiar and classic Hack & Slash battle.

In addition, Lineage Eternal doubles interest by providing wider selections and creative battle situations on the basis of ‘Interactive Objects’ that can change the aspect of battle dramatically and Drag Skill, a patented technology that actions are aroused over the course drawn by the mouse.

And through the ‘Public Event’ and ‘Dynamic Gate’ occurring frequently in places of battlefield, players can enjoy with surrounding players without burden for combining into a party.

Gameplay Trailer

Dynamic Randomize Dungeon

Key Features

An overwhelming scaled battlefield, the legend of heroes starts therefrom. The strongest advantage of Lineage Eternal is a realistically-realized large scale battle, which enables users to synthetically experience the excitement of a battle wiping out enemies that fill the screen up, fun of ‘strategic control enabling players to feel the speed of a fierce battle and respiratory control’ and ‘puzzle-like solving of crisis situation using terrain features’.

  • Fighting against endlessly-tackling enemies! ‘Overwhelming scale of battlefield’ beyond your imagination

Lineage Eternal is a story about full-scale war of heroes fighting to protect one’s belief and loved ones against endlessly-tacking enemies. In a huge battlefield, countless enemies are summoned endlessly and rush into the hero but the hero overpowers and wipes out them at a time with strong skills. Even in a state of crisis, the hero is capable of overcoming difficulties through a well-connected solidarity with players in our forces.

  • Interactive Object’ which will make a dynamic aspect of battle

The world constituting Lineage Eternal includes interactive objects that can be utilized according to player’s will, which provides the pleasure of a more vivid and stronger battle. Player can play diversified and active roles such as going over a cliff by a hook to the other side of a collapsed bridge or lowering a bridge for fellow players by climbing up a rampart.Even in case of playing a game for hours, a dynamic game playing which is entirely different from existing online games that kept continued a monotonous hunting becomes feasible by applying ‘Interactive Objects’.

  • ‘Drag Skill’ that actions are aroused according to the course drawn by the mouse

‘Drag Skill’ is NCSOFT’s own patented technology that surpassed mouse operation of previous generations which is represented by repeated typing on a keyboard or mouse clicking. It is a method that the technology is realized on a specific range if player draws a course on the enemies shown on the screen, for example, if a player draws a line on the location he or she wants to attack, a pillar of fire is erected, giving a continuous shock to enemies, or if a player draws a line on the position he or she wants, the player can make monsters gathered to the position as a power incarnate is summoned following the line. With application of ‘Drag Skill’, players can feel strong sensation of immersion as if one is in a battle in person instead of having characters engaged in the battle.

  • ‘Multi-play Contents’ playing together with surrounding players

Players can enjoy with surrounding players without burden for combining into a party through the ‘Public Event’ and ‘Dynamic Gate’ occurring frequently in places of battlefield. Players can grow experiencing the story of Lineage Eternal naturally as they can proceed with quests naturally without forming a party. The pleasure that more than 20 players hunt quests and field boss simultaneously is considered the core of Lineage Eternal.


  • Guardian Knight

A short-distance physical class. He is a descendant of the knights of former Kingdom of Aden who fought against the Dark Emperor. Having combat ability and defensive power specialized in a close battle, he is capable of making enemies incapacitated and turning the situation of battle to his advantage by infiltrating into enemy territory.

  • Invoker

A long-distance magical class. Invoker is a high elf wizard of Serapis Society following teachings of former Ivory Tower. Capable of attacking a wide scope at a long range using 4 different element magic such as flame, ice, wind and lightning, Invoker can generate additional effects utilizing a synergy effect amongst elements.

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