Read Only Memories trailer for 2064


Read Only Memories trailer for 2064

If you follow our twitter, you saw that one other cyberpunk game enters early access in December, but this one has a trailer and demo ready for you to try it.

Read Only Memories is a new cyberpunk adventure that takes place in Neo-SF, 2064. Based on 90’s point & click adventure games like Gabriel Knight and Snatcher, Read Only Memories is all about exploration and puzzle solving. The deeper you dive into the mystery of your missing friend and this new unknown ROM, the further you get entangled into the deepest scandal to ever hit Neo San Francisco. In a city packed with danger, and filled with Hybrids, Humans, ROMs and Brain Controlled Androids, the question is: Can you survive in Neo-SF?”

The demo contains a “final(ish) version of the game’s Prologue & Chapter 1”, and it’s available for Mac and Linux as well as Windows. You might know developers MidBoss as the organisers of GaymerX, and Read Only Memories seems particularly inclusive in that regard. While it’s the sort of adventure game that doesn’t show the player character, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of personal pronouns when you start the game.

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