Early Access good or bad thing?


Early Access good or bad thing?

Since introduction of early access and first early access game, not so many early access game have seen the light of full release.

According to a report by video game research provider EEDAR, only 25% of early access games get finished and gets their full release. As EEDAR’s Head of Insights and Analytics Patrick Walker writes in a post for Games Industry International, Steam has seen a sharp increase in game releases, with 1303 new games in 2014 so far compared to 2013’s 583, and Early Access game releases have increased accordingly since the program was first introduced in March 2013.

There have been 255 Early Access releases in 2014 so far, compared to 103 in 2013. Of the first nine Early Access games introduced in 2013, only three have been released as full games. On average, games that have made the transition from Early Access to full release took about six months.

There are great games and true diamonds in Early Access, but some developers after raising the money needed to develop the game, just disappear and leave the game unfinished.

Comment, is Early Access good thing or bad thing for gaming industry?

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