Inno Games released dual update


Inno Games released dual update

Inno Games just released dual update for Tribal Wars and The West. The two releases emphasize The West’s new feature: “The Adventures” and Tribal Wars’ Fall Event.

The Adventures allows players to fight with and against each other in a turn-based 3D battle. The winners of the combat can look forward to unique rewards, including veteran points (a new currency) and loot chests. Each adventure is broken into rounds with two stamina points per player. These points can be used for moving, attacking or on abilities like: healing, blocking or firing a particularly penetrating and powerful shot. The objective for the first map is to capture three special buildings distributed throughout it and to reach 35 points to win. There will be more maps available in the future.

Tribal Wars’ fall event puts trading at the center of the action. The merchants are back and will set camps near villages. This time they will bring gems as a special resource which players can get by trading clay, wood or iron. Tribal Warriors can use the gems to enter a Tombola to earn special prices – like boosting units or production. Even though the merchants are peaceful the event will allow players to plunder their camps via coordinated attacks.

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