TowerFall gets an expansion


TowerFall gets an expansion

A 2D multiplayer game called TowerFall get his expansion next year, somewhere early, probably in first Q.

Dark World will add new archers, levels, modes, power-ups, variants, trials, and more, according to the game’s developer, Matt Thornson.

Towerfall Screenshot

A new archer named the Vainglorious Ghoul, will join the cast. She’s the captain of a ghost ship called The Amaranth, which will also be added as one of four new levels.Towerfall Screenshot

The new Cataclysm tower will procedurally generate new levels for every match, adding a random element to the game’s multiplayer bouts.

New power-ups will include the Trigger Arrows, which can be stuck to walls and act as remote mines, ready for detonation on your command. And the new Prism Arrows will confine enemies inside a prison and momentarily vulnerable to your attacks.

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