Buildanauts Pre-Alpha


Buildanauts Pre-Alpha

buildanauts02TouchTilt Games announced today the release of  pre-orders for its open-world construction video game, Buildanauts. The game, currently at the pre-alpha stage, players will have the opportunity to play Buildaunauts either in single player or in co-op mode. The game has been featured for a month on the Steam Greenlight platform. Buildanauts has received a favorable response from the Steam community.

Shane Whitehouse, CEO of TouchTilt Games.

“As the players build their towns, they will have to manage the expectations of its residents. Everything you do in the game has an impact; if you destroy a sidewalk or manage traffic poorly, your townsfolk will let you know for sure. We’re designing ‘Buildanauts’ so that players always have something to do, whether it’s completing jobs for money and resources, monitoring their town’s acceptance meter, or completing challenges and side-quests.”


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