Blitzkrieg 3 multiplayer details


Blitzkrieg 3 multiplayer details

Have you forgot on great RTS game Blitzkrieg? Last game in the series was released in 2005 and new game is announced.

Blitzkrieg 3 will have asynchronous multiplayer, if you wonders whats that, here is the little description:

Turn-based multiplayer gameplay between two or more players that can check in and play their turn when it’s convenient. Similar to play-by-mail games and, more electronically, play-by-email or play-by-post forum games.

So it’s weird to see that kind of multiplayer in real-time strategy game.  In Blitzkrieg 3, however, players can construct their defenses at their leisure, erecting buildings and fortifications on varying landscapes, laying mines and barbed wire, and placing their defensive defending units as they see fit. Combat sequences will occur separately, with control of those defenses left to the computer.

“While attacking you’ll try to break through other player’s AI-controlled defenses to capture their base and resources, applying various units and tactics to solve the brain-teaser they have left for you,” Nival Interactive CEO Sergey Orlovskiy said in a recent interview with MMO Reviews. “So in general, it’s a blend of single player and multiplayer modes—you are actually playing a mission, created under certain rules for you by another player.”

Blitzkrieg 3 will support leaderboards and clans, and it won’t be totally free-to-play, although what exactly it will be in terms of payment model is a bit hazy. “Blitzkrieg 3 will have paid single-player campaigns with free multiplayer, where you can purchase individual missions or an optional subscription via a premium account for all single player campaigns,” Orlovskiy said. And while there will be no microtransactions, Nival “will be selling additional historical campaigns as optional DLC.”

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