Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s can't be perfect


Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s can't be perfect

With new games, technology developes, especially in graphics. Every game is just more and more beautiful and very detailed. Assassins’s Creed Unity will not be so detailed.

Assassin’s Creed Unity senior level artist Caroline Miousse said one of the first things her team did when setting out to recreate the Parisian landmark was investigate the legal issues of doing so.

There are copyrights that protects things from copying, same thing with Notre Dame. Building is copyrighted so they couldn’t reproduce it 100%

“There are certain things we were actually unable to directly re-create due to copyright issues,” she told the Ubiblog.

“For example, when I look at the organ in Notre Dame, I think it’s a masterpiece. It’s just so huge and beautiful – and copyrighted. We couldn’t reproduce it exactly, but we could still try to nail the feeling you get when you see it. We kept it very similar in general appearance, and it’s only when you get close to it and really analyze it that you realize it’s not the same exact organ you would see in Notre Dame today.”

“Notre Dame is kind of key point of the Paris skyline. You see it and can recognize it immediately, and part of that is due to the massive spire. The two towers are recognizable too, but the spire is the tallest point of Notre Dame, and we didn’t want players to miss out on the opportunity to climb it and see Paris from the very top.”

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