Thank you Trion World for giving us account to that we can try this awesome game.

Trove is an open-ended voxel adventure through countless realms filled with quests, chests, and enemies great and small. It’s a potent, cube-shaped brew of RPG features combined with the thrill of exploring procedurally-generated worlds – and the unlimited creative freedom to build your own!

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At the moment of writing this article, open beta of the game started.

There are five classes to choose for now, but new classes will be added later.


1. Knight

If you seek truth, justice, and a finely chiseled jaw, unsheathe your sword as a stalwart Knight. Gleaming armor and pointed sword have never looked this square.

2. Gunslinger

When you’re armed with six-shooters, serapes, and a rakishly angled hat, the possibilities are nearly endless… and endlessly handsome.

3. Fae Trickster

A master of illusion (and the ultimate prankster), the Fae Trickster is ready to beguile and charm your foes. To death.

4. Dracolyte

This staff-wielding engine of destruction is armed to the teeth with Draconic magic, infernal might, and one deadly-adorable Dragon sidekick.

5. Neon Ninja

Spread terror from the shadows and the light as a Neon Ninja. Hurl shurikens and backstab foes, then flip away as you drop into stealth!

After choosing your class, you can customize your character. It’s not detailed customization and we are little bit disappointed with that.

World of Trove is amazing, very colorful and beautiful, I would like to live in that world. In the beginning of the game there is a tutorial to explain you basics. It’s not too long and teaches you how to play this game. You don’t need to be genius to play this game, but still you need to know some stuff. After finishing tutorial you can go to the Hub world, main place in Trove, from which you can go to other realms to explore and do what you want.

Realms are divided by level, for example: first realm that you want to enter is novice, that’s for players from 1-3 level. When you enter the realm you can build your house there, after owning land first. Each realm have zones. What I like about zones that they are different from each other, one zone is full of trees, grass in other you can find snow and ice, you never get boring. Each zone or biome have corresponding enemies, bosses, dungeons. Every zone is unique.


Medieval Highlands

Fledgling heroes underestimate the peaceful demeanor of this lush Biome. Its beautiful trees and vibrant flowers mask creatures that skulk behind every trunk and thicket. If you see or hear a mushroom with legs, prepare to flee or fight!


The Permafrost expanse is so cold its denizens are incased in ice. At least, that’s what one grizzled explorer said who claims to have visited its frigid landscapes. Most think he’s crazy, though, because he said there were robots and spaceships, too.

Desert Frontier

It’s easy to lose your bearings in the vast Desert Frontier. The only landmarks for miles are remnants of ancient civilizations and massive bones of venerable creatures. Make sure to bring extra water and armor because if the giant scorpions and prickly cacti don’t get you the relentless sun will!

Cursed Vale

When traveled adventurers hang up their swords they don’t build their retirement cottages in the Cursed Vale. The view isn’t terribly pleasant due to rancid murk and the wildlife is known as the wild death. There is treasure, though!

Fae Wilds

The curious trees and mischievous inhabitants of Fae Wilds hold a secret known only by those in tune with magic. Whimsical (and nasty!) tricks await all who enter these woods unaware (extra precautions recommended for adventurers thick of skull or slow of foot).

Dragonfire Peaks

Dragonfire Peaks boils over with danger; a maze of canyons and valleys awash with lava and patrolled by dragonkind with a taste for cubic flesh. Burnt ash and smoldering embers rain down from the sky, while the horizon itself glows with flame.

Neon City

The sky above Neon City is the color of voxels tuned to binary black. Rivers of plasma cut between its icy towers, each outlined by the glow of noble gas. Steely sentries patrol the ground below, computing the most efficient way to terminate your quest!

Another great thing about Trove is building your house. Cornerstone is Trove name for a house. Why is that great thing? First of all you can start building your house in first novice realm and then when you are level 4 and ready to move to higher realm, you can find empty land in that other realm and your house will be moved as you left it with all of your stuff inside house. “Cornerstones are personal homes – a place to kick back, relax, and call your own – but they’re also mobile bases!”

Beside exploring, gathering resources and building, you can quest. As I said every zone have their own enemies and bosses. You can kill them to gain experience and maybe to loot a weapon or equipment, If you want more adrenaline you can finish dungeons. We played few dungeons and they are well easy, but very fun. You need to be carefull, cause there are a lot of traps and if you are not cautious enough, you’ll die. Beside dungeons there are Lairs. They are pint-sized dungeons – small dens of ill repute you’ll find while running from zone to zone. Each holds a single-serving of dangers with a central boss to defeat or quest to complete plus lair-appropriate loot.

Developers and community have a great relationship. Developers as far as I saw listen the community to fix and add random stuff to the game. Community itself can be part of Trove. There are tools which with you can create dungeons, lairs or something else and then if developer is satisfied what you’ve done, your creation will end up in the game.

Crafting in this game is very important. When you create your own cornerstone you’ll have a crafting tool immediately from the start. You can craft other devices with which than you can craft again other things. You have recipes from which you can craft too.

Trove is amazing, very fun and most of all it’s very addictive. From your first step, game teaches you how to play and later you can explore beautiful and colorful world of Trove. Great community, I had some good chats in the game. Dungeons are very nicely done, combat system is great and always keeps you awake, Personally, I like this game much much more than Minecraft. Maybe it doesn’t have so much content as Minecraft, but hey, this game entered open beta few days ago and in the future more and more update will come.

Just give chance to this game, believe me, you’ll not regret.

Check out our screenshot gallery in the link below:


Without any doubt we recommend this game to anyone, from kids to older people. It’s fun, amazing, relaxing with great community. For us, this is much much better game than Minecraft. Not a lot of content in the game yet, but that will change in the future.



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