Zombie survivor game announced


Zombie survivor game announced

Can we put this in category: Just another zombie survival game? Well maybe yes maybe not, cause game is only announced it seeks $60 000 on Kickstarter.

It’s a procedural FPS in an open world with very simple name of the game called Survive. Hopefully they’ll not be so lazy with developing game as with naming the game. If they reach the goal on Kickstarter, they plan to bring game to Early Access in early 2015.


High Level list of Planned Features and What makes Survive different:

    • Procedural World Generation
    • Enter Every Building in the Game
    • Multiplayer
    • Survivor NPCs
    • Barricading and Traps
    • Dynamic Apocalypse Start Time
    • Crafting
    • Vehicles
    • Smooth and Polished Combat
    • Dynamic Inventory System

Unlimited Procedural WorldRich procedurally generated world full of cities and lush wilderness areas that goes on forever in all directions so you will never get tired playing the same map over and over. In addition to the world being generated every building in the game has a completely procedural layout and loot placement.

Enter Every Building in the Game

Because the entire world and every building is procedurally generated you can go inside and find useful items in every building in the game. No more walking into a door just to be disappointed that you can’t go inside.


Full multiplayer experience. Play with a group of friends on a private server without having to set up and pay for a server or play on big multiplayer servers with at least 32 players(this player limit will most likely go up and will depend on testing)

Survivor NPCs

Dynamic and intelligent survivor NPC’s that add a deep layer of crazy emergent gameplay and immersion.

Barricading and Traps

Dynamic barricading and trap system that let’s you turn any building or small town into a deadly fortress.

Player Customization and Advancement

Player stats and skills that you can customize when creating a new character by deciding what your character did before the apocalypse. You can then level up these skills and stats by using them and learn new skills by finding books or having other players teach you.

Dynamic Apocalypse Start Time

You can start the game any time after or before the start of the zombie apocalypse. Experience the chaos at the start of the outbreak or brave the scarcity many years after it.


Dynamic crafting system where you can combine things you find all around the world in intuitive ways to create the things you will need to Survive.


There are Land, Air, and Sea vehicles of all sorts so you can efficiently move throughout the unlimited world.

Smooth and Polished Combat

Very fluid and smooth zombie killing combat. With the solid gun handling and dynamic melee system the experience of killing zombies will be extremely satisfying. I hope you can see what i’m talking about in the video. The only thing still missing is melee and zombie attack animations.

Dynamic Inventory System

Hybrid inventory system where you can store things In a more classic inventory system UI and physically store your stuff in the actual world. Then for example you could physically put all your stuff in the back of a truck and drive to a new city if you wanted to.

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