New patch for Strife


New patch for Strife

Strife has released patch 0.4.7 today, adding two new pets: Plunder and Tink.

The rivalry between these two new pets was previewed in a teaser last week, and now it’s time for them to battle. Plunder focuses on pushing down lanes. With a strong mix of defense and the ability to buff allied brawlers, players who like to buckle down in a lane and apply constant pressure will excel with Plunder. And Tink excels in defensive abilities that help heroes hold down towers when outnumbered. He also offers powerful anti-crowd control and regeneration effects. If you ever play heroes who struggle defending towers, you’ll benefit immensely from having Tink by your side.

Players have up until November 14 to unlock their favorite pet in a little mini competition to earn some exclusive icons based on the final outcome. More info about that battle is here. The patch notes are here.

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