Firefall teases new update


Firefall teases new update

Firefall seems to be starting a new campaign, as today they released this mysterious update image. What does it mean? We’re not sure.

We’re guessing that the 14 is a countdown of days. We know that new endgame instance is coming to game under the name Operation: Miru, designed for five players level 40.

Watchtower takeovers: a lot of fun in theory, but we’ve heard a lot of feedback that they can get fairly boring after repetition. Well, we’ve created a new type of watchtower warfare encounter to supplement the existing watchtower takeovers.

The update will also feature a new piece of open-world content via the Accord Skydock, a new form of watchtower content

Broken Peninsula, our Open World PvP zone, has also received a lot of work for Update 1.2. On top of a lot of bug fixes, code refinements, and general “quality of life” improvements, we’ve also added in some new types of content

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