Guild system improved with new update in ArcheAge


Guild system improved with new update in ArcheAge

New update for ArcheAge called Conquest for Auroria is bringing a lot of new stuff for guilds. First of all Auroria was originally considered to be continent for level cap players, but they left it out, untill now.

Six new zones are coming to the game, four of them will be available for guilds to fight and claimed them. Once guild claimed a zone, they will govern any and all houses built within the walls of their guild castles. They can impose things such as taxes, and even chose to destroy any house that’s erected within their influence.

New and toughest dungeon is coming to the game, it will require ten players instead five. Who successfully pass this dungeon, he will be rewarded with powerful items, but don’t forget that this is the hardest dungeon for now in ArcheAge, so good luck.

Click here to read more about this new update.

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