The Repopulation devs were active in October


The Repopulation devs were active in October

Housing and City elements continued to receive updates this month, including the introduction of player shops. A player with a housing unit in the persistent PvE world or in one of the player cities can place down several shop vendors. Other players can visit the shop vendor to browse the goods. Players can subscribe to shops to browse the goods remotely. You can purchase goods for pickup from a subscribed shop or pay a fee to have it delivered to you.

The Vehicle and Mount systems also received significant improvements in October. Vehicle physics received a pass to ensure that each vehicle type felt unique. More importantly though, a new Vehicle Upgrade system was introduced. Vehicle Upgrades are similar to fittings, but for Vehicles. Depending on the quality of a vehicle it will have between 3-5 Upgrade slots. Upgrades fall into the categories of: Engine, Gun, Cannon, Exterior, and Perk. These upgrades can include passive improvements such as acceleration, deceleration, maximum speed, armor or gun damage. They can also include perks which grant new special abilities which can be used when controlling your vehicle. This includes things like turbo boost or shielding, along with more offensive oriented capabilities such as firing a cannon, dropping a mine, or delivering an EMP blast. Tamed Mounts also received upgrades, gaining offensive capabilities and unique abilities for each mount type.

Genetic Engineering headlined the list of pet improvements this month. This system has been completely revamped to make it more customizable, and introduced new pets. There are also more varied ability styles between the different breeds. Tamed pets now have additional species which can be tamed.

Rogue Nations now have their own bounty collectors, and rogue military NPCs now drop insignias which other nations can turn in for their own bounties. Rogue Nations are also now allowed to switch to be reserve military, which will provide them with protection if they are in a Rogue owned area. There are not many of these areas, however.

To read more about new stuff in The Repopulation, click on this link. There you can find all patch notes, a lot of them!

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