DC Universe Online sees 120,000 new players in 48 hours


DC Universe Online sees 120,000 new players in 48 hours

John Smedley, SOE’s President, announced on Twitter this morning that over 120,000 new players have signed up for their action-RPG MMO DC Universe Online on the PC since the game transitioned to free-to-play Tuesday evening. In the same tweet, he announced that the number of concurrent users logged into the game has increased 300% in that same time, and that they’re planning to launch a massive TV and online ad campaign later this month. He did not mention any numbers for PS3 users.

If you haven’t already jumped into DC Universe Online, you can download the client for free on the game’sofficial site. Free players have access to almost all of the game’s content and character power types, can join guilds, and all that good stuff. You can read full details on what’s free and what’s not here or read our review from the beginning of this year while you wait in the login queues.

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