MechWarrior Online in 2012


MechWarrior Online in 2012

According to the game site’s FAQ section, MechWarrior Online will be solely for the PC and will be using the free-to-play model. The title will focus on team play and multiplayer, with class types like scout and assault along with various BattleMech builds. The FAQ also said that the status of melee combat system is unconfirmed, long-ranged missiles will be semi-guided, and customization options include mech load outs, decals, paint jobs, and equipment.

The mech designs announced at this time include the Atlas, Hunchback, and Jenner, with more coming soon in a future announcement. Pirahna Games also said that the publisher of the title is Infinite Game Publishing. Gamers can register and reserve their mech pilot names, as well as check out the rest of the FAQ article on the title’s website.

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