CSGO better on PC?


CSGO better on PC?

According to Valve Chet Faliszek will be beast game on PC

Valve assures that it’s not going to let console players rain grenades on your parade. The PC version, explained Valve’s Chet Faliszek, isn’t trying to be something it’s not.

“Yeah, so in some ways the PC will be a different beast anyway,” he told Strategy Informer. “There will be servers that we control, but then on the PC there will also be support custom servers, and at that point they’ll be able to mod the game. The way it’s set up now on CSS… you could enter a game and have no idea if the guys are going to be surfing whilst they’re shooting, or doing other crazy stuff. So we want to there to be a basic core experience, and equally if you want to go mod, you can.”

“We’ve been talking to the community, and we’re actually going to be incorporating ‘Gun Game’ into CSGO itself, as that’s the most popular mod out there at the moment, we wanted to give people a chance to approach the game from that angle.”

Interestingly, PC’s also the only platform getting any sort of CSGO beta, because console betas, well, aren’t real.

“That’s why we’re showing it on PS3, and why we showed at PAX on the 360, it’s the only way those guys are going to get to play it,” Faliszek said. “The PC Beta will be extended longer, because it’s not really a good model for doing betas, real betas, on the console. Other console betas have been more promotional demos. What we’re saying is that we want to do a beta that’s constantly changing and updating based on player feedback.”


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