Allods Online Undaundet expansion


Allods Online Undaundet expansion

Mausoleum of Sparks – This instance is for groups and players can enter it a maximum of three times a week. It’ll be a really tough challenge, with waves of mobs and ten bosses to defeat. However, the run will be scored and timed, with unique rewards for those who gain the highest scores and fastest completion times.

Tep constructed the Mausoleum of Sparks as a laboratory. There, he conducted gruesome experiments on the souls he had entrapped, but eventually he grew tired of that game, and moved on to bigger, more infamous monstrosities.

The souls, however, remain to this day. The mysterious Director has uncovered this torture chamber and decided to use it as an arena to test the mettle of Sarnaut’s finest warriors. Those who travel there will face wave upon waves of enemies, and emerge triumphant, or be crushed beneath the onslaught of their foes.

As for the souls, they will be consumed by Tep’s ancient contraptions, and fuel adventurers with healing and haste and power ups, for few now care for the long fallen, especially when in the pursuit of their own glory.

Kingdom of Elements – This is the first open-world PvP zone for players at level 46 or above and victories in the Kingdom of Elements will give some amazing loot drops. Two are particularly interesting; the Symbols of Glory will give XP to the winner’s guild and War Banners allow the player to attack anyone in the opposite faction, even if their PvP flag is set to ‘off’.

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