Nexon adds PvP to Dragon Nest


Nexon adds PvP to Dragon Nest

You are tired of Dragon Nest dungeons, well Nexon has decide to add PvP to Dragon Nest for players above level 10. For now only two game modes will be available: Respawn and Rounds. Rounds is similiar to SnD in shooter games and Respawn is like TDM in shooter games. Game modes support from 2 players to 16 (1 vs 1,8 vs 8). For playing PvP you will be rewarded with Arena EXP, medals and ranks. Medals can be exchanged later for crafting.

Since there are more versions of Dragon Nest, this update only applies for Nexon version of game that means USA version.

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  • Aug 28, 2011 @ 17:21 pm

    All I’ll say is wow. I’ve by no means checked out it like this, but I appreicate you posting it. I’ll proceed to be a daily reader of the weblog.

  • Aug 28, 2011 @ 17:37 pm

    Ok 😀


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